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  • Message from the President    Manami Yamaguchi

  • Manami Yamaguchi

    Environmental Business Research Institute President
    Manami Yamaguchi


    The natural environment of the Earth is still on the verge of a crisis. While the society and environment, from when we were born to the present, have changed as we grow, the needs for corporate activity also have changed.

    Moreover, the definition of affluence has been established through satisfying materialistic needs and utilizing a great deal of resources and energy not only from Japan but also from all over the world. And now, the time has come to create a business model which is required for the present and the future without destroying any more natural resources.

    There are various businesses in the environmental business field, but the first thing we should know is that economic activity depends on the Earth's environment and none of our lives, work or business activities are fulfilled without the Earth. How should our society be to coexist with the environment? What is the ideal environmental business for society from now on?

    We have a wide variety of great technologies and services in Japan. Also, there are businesses that we have constructed through overcoming the pollution problems, and of which we can be proud.

    As for the outline of the Environmental Business Research Institute, our aim is to support environmental business and environmental ventures, to enhance the general level of the environmental industry as a whole, and to encourage the mutual growth of our members.

    Let us help improve the quality of our lives by improving the general level of the environmental industry through re-establishing the relationship between the environment and our economic and social activities. Also, by realizing your ideas and activities as well as exchanging information, our business may well lead to a newer business required for the next generation. With our members’ network and relationships with overseas organizations, we are looking forward to expanding our pioneering activities from Japan to the world.