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    Hello! This is Mi-chan. This time, I visited Spline Network (President: Mr. Yoichi Yukino), which is located in Shibuya-ward, Tokyo..

    During the interview

    During the interview

    Description of business

    The company was founded in January 2002, and its main business is software. Their business is to develop something useful to customers, such as cost reduction, environmentally friendly goods, and their main product is “TonerSaver.


    Their main product “TonerSaver” controls consumption of toner for laser printers, by using unique algorithm, developed through applying printer driver technologies.

    After installation, without any special operations, it reduces printing cost of laser printers up to 50%, while maintaining high printing quality.

    At the same time, it is a revolutionary software solution, since it reduces amount of waste toner cartridge, therefore, it can achieve cost reduction and protecting the environment all together. Also, it collects all the printing logs, so you can see the rate of reduction, the amount of printing and how much you have reduced the cost, can be shown in graphs (visualization).

    Characteristic - [1] Environmental Protection
    Since it holds down the amount of toner used, and waste cartridges, it leads to reducing of waste, hence contributing to ecological way of life.

    Characteristic - [2] Cost Reduction
    It reduces laser printers’ toner consumption=cost of toner up to 50%, while maintaining high-definition printing quality.

    Characteristic - [3] Printing Security and Analysis
    By collects printing logs, it allows you to analyze printing status from various aspects, and also enable you to trace the logs when the information is leaked, which consequently prevents it from happening.

    What do you plan to do as an EBRI member?

    I would like the EBRI to have a huge influence in our society, from grass roots level to political level. EBRI is an organization, which tells, practice, and help the people who do good things, since we are collective of professionals. I would like to help this as much as I can.

    [Editor’s note]

    After moved by the brilliance of “TonerSaver,” we went to have food and drinks as always with “Mi-chan's adventure!”
    This time, we went to restaurant which specialty is sumo wrestler's stew, near the office. The restaurant's name is “Tamakairiki.”
    Of course the main was sumo wrestler's stew! It was so tasty with tsukune dumplings cakes and sea foods.

    Delicious sumo wrestler's stew

    Delicious sumo wrestler's stew