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    Description of business

    Envirotech, Ltd operates in the following three fields.
    1. Consultancy
    2. Personnel-service business
    3. Sales of products related to equipment and chemicals

    Most of the jobs we have are related to water treatment, waste disposal, and recycling. We also conduct water quality survey of public waters, such as ponds, lakes, and rivers as part of our water treatment business. We support our clients with their projects’ environmental impact assessment or help them acquire ISO certifications. At the moment, we are working on the integrated management of ISO9001 and ISO14001.

    In our “personnel-service”, we dispatch our staff to companies, where they advise about those issues.
    As for the sales of environment-related equipments, we have just developed a new product called “Micro bubble water purification system”, which we hope will boost the business.

    Currently, the personnel-service business makes up most of our sales.

    [Micro bubble water purification system]

    It dissolves oxygen and promotes the degradation of organic matter using only a small
      amount of electricity.
    The system uses dissolved air floatation, in which “micro-bubbles” adhere to impurities
      in the water and make them float to the surface.
    The cavitation effect of the micro-bubbles stimulates the activity of living organism in the
      water, from aerobic microbes and zooplankton to fish and shellfish.
    Using ozone gas for the micro-bubbles can eliminate viruses and germs, as well as
      organic matter that cannot be degraded by bio-treatments.
    Using carbon dioxide for the micro-bubbles can neutralize alkaline water. It reduces your
      CO2 emission and helps to control the global warming.
    Ideal as a cleaning system for public waters: ponds, lakes, rivers, enclosed bay areas,
      etc. (It can be used in water more than 10 m under the surface.)
    Excellent aeration system that changes the properties of sludge at the bottom, which
      subsequently reduces its volume and prevents any stench.
    Ideal as an oxygen provider to aqua-farms, fish ponds, and hydroponic solution.
    Highly effective for the treatment of high concentration sludge (BOD: 10,000 mg/L and
      higher), including the aeration of live stock manure.
    Ideal as an oxygen provider and microorganism activator for contact oxidation method
      or biofilm process.

    [Editor’s note]

    We went to see the Tanabata festival (star festival) in Shonan, Hiratsuka City after the interview.
    The festival was started after the Great Tokyo Air Raids in 1945, aiming to stimulate the local economy.
    The shopping arcades in front of the station were filled with colorful ornaments, some of which were longer than 10 m.

    After walking around the festival area for three hours, we headed down to a party. We had a long conversation about the city of Hiratsuka and EBRI. It was definitely another successful one of “Mi-chan’s adventures”!