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    www.hei.co.jp/eco_vision/index.htmlFor eco-vision energy-saving system

    Description of business

    The company was founded in 1946, and has a history stretching back more than 60 years. Their main business includes electronics installation for large facilities such as office buildings and factories, as well as work related to the installation of air-conditioning and water supply and drainage systems. Typically, electronics installation companies only deal with electronics installation, and building service and water supply companies only deal with waterworks-related issues. However, we deal with all work related to building facilities and equipment, from electronics installation to water supply work, and that is what makes our company different.

    Product introduction
    【eco vision】
    ~Saving energy by installing inverters with central air-conditioning systems~

    Without changing the way you use air-conditioning equipment, it eliminates excess energy consumption, and fulfills both of your requirements at the same time, namely: preserving the environment through the reduction of CO2 and minimizing costs by cutting electricity bills.
    Traditional air-conditioning equipment operates cooling/heating water pumps and cooling water pumps at their maximum output. However, the greatest energy consumption occurs when the equipment starts up, and it stabilizes afterwards when it reaches a certain temperature and there is no need for large-scale energy consumption. Therefore, excessive energy was consumed by existing air-conditioning equipment, since the pumps were in full operation. This system dramatically reduces excessive energy consumption and, as a result, leads to CO2 and cost reduction, by adjusting its operation to suit the load. It is capable of reducing the amount of energy used by 50 to 90%, depending on the type of equipment used and the operating conditions.

    Also, this system constantly monitors the operation status and electricity consumption of the equipment and stores the data. It gathers daily, monthly or yearly statistics, making it possible to clearly demonstrate the effect of introducing the system as a cost reduction measure.

    Furthermore, the system is managed online. Control or maintenance procedures can be conducted via the web, and even if there is a problem with the system, a prompt response is possible, since emergency emails will be sent to the cell-phones of the individuals in charge of the support center and maintenance services.
    As of September 2009, eco-vision is used in 25 facilities, mainly hospitals, care homes, hotels and large commercial facilities.

    [Editor’s note]

    People in Niigata seem to be rather quiet and patient; not flashy but hard-working.
    Members of staff at the company were also warm, hard-working people.
    Also, the rice and sake in Niigata were particularly delicious.