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    [1]Description of business

    Hitachi is a general electronic manufacturer, whose products range from heavy electric machinery to household electric appliances.
    The products made at Mito office are divided into two major categories.
    In the first category are products related to building security, which include; elevating machines such as elevators and escalators, as well as moving sidewalks that move horizontally; security systems for buildings and ACS’s (Access Control System’s), security cameras and fingerprint authentication devices. The other category is train-related products; we also make control devices that rotate the motor located under the floor.
    These are the products that we make at Mito office, and I work at the environmental secretariat division for ISO 14001, where I play a role as an environmental instructor, to encourage people to save energy.

    [2]What triggered you to join EBRI?

    TI visited Mr. Tamiya’s booth (Ecohills) at an exhibition, and he introduced EBRI to me. I can gather the latest information from each company, and would also like to receive advice from these various companies.

    [3] Current trend of the industry and economy

    The industry we are in is dominated by a few electronic manufacturers at the top of the market, so there is very severe competition over the market share.

    [4] What are your plans for the future?

    Hitachi as a company; we plan to make environmentally-friendly products with excellent quality, adapting to today’s globalized world.

    Environmental contribution to the society comes second in this year’s business goals, and the priority is to move back into the black. Last year, we were in the red with a deficit of over 700 billion yen.
    As for me, my dream is to make the factory one that could win a minister’s prize and model office title.

    [5] What do you think of EBRI since you became a member?

    I do like the fact that all members can talk honestly and that we can exchange information.

    [6] Other: Mito factory’s environmental activities

    At the factory, we concentrate on environmentally conscious designing/production, taking discharge control measures of harmful substances, energy-saving, and environmental education. In terms of the discharge control, our targets include reducing VOC, thinner, and toluene.

    As for the latest news, the new elevator research tower will be finished soon. It is approx. 200 meters high, which is the highest of its kind that is built for purposes including; a demonstration experiment of the world’s fastest elevator with a rated speed of 1,080 m/min.; and developing a high-speed/large-capacity elevator with a rated speed of 600 m/min and a load capacity of 5 tons (approx. 70 people), which is one of the largest elevator load capacities in the world.