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    Hello, Mi-chan here. This edition features Mintaba—short for “Minna no Tabata (Everyone’s field)”—that was proposed by Mr. Kasue, who has a shining smile, from Kokokusha Co., Ltd.
    Have you ever thought about the origins of the rice you usually eat and take for granted, and the relationship between people? Mintaba is where people can improve their awareness and have many experiences through rice growing. Ajigasawa (Nishitsugaru, Aomori Prefecture), where Mintaba is located, is famous for the Shirakami Sanchi World Heritage site and Mt. Iwaki. I visited Mintaba in September, when the rice stalks are drooping—the height of harvest season. I grabbed a sickle and experienced rice harvesting, myself.

    First, let me introduce the three related companies that manage Mintaba.
    Planning coordination and Public Relations: Kokokusha Co., Ltd.
    Agriculture and Local Networking: Shirakami Agri Service
    HR Development: Innovation Associates Inc.

    With the Shirakami Agri employees

    Mi-chan experiencing the joys of harvesting

    (1) Business Description

    About Mintaba
    Mintaba is a social-participation, self-growth program that allows people to experience the joy and abundance of farming using agricultural land in Japan, while making small contributions to society, such as using abandoned farmland, boosting the local economy and improving self-sufficiency. People inexperienced in farming do the farm work themselves, and the Mintaba farming-experience program supports them throughout the process. Participants broaden their horizons by looking at the roots of living and working through farming and the emotional experience of interacting with others in the bosom of nature. They carve new experiences and strengthen their axes. Mintaba is the local cooperative agricultural experience program that “simultaneously nurtures people and rice” while “solving the social problems of the cities and farming villages”.