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  • 「Mi-chan‘s Adventure!」 NO.18 EBRI HONKON TOUR

    「Mi-chan‘s Adventure!」is what first overseas expedition this time.
    Gigami Consulting Mr.KOBORI
    International Environmental Design Association Mr.KODAMA
    Qbecc K.K. Mr.OOHASHI
    E-supplies Co.,Ltd Mr.TOKURI
    Urban System Inc. Mr.KOSHIBA
    Environment Business Research Institute Miss.IWAMATSU
    The six members

    We went to the local corporation and the government to present with companies article. We also had meeting, visit an exhibition , go to social gathering and Mr. KODAMA performed moss repair construction. Mr KOBORI is the leader of us We handled the schedule in four days

    (The first day)

    ○Wakyokai HONGKONG

    WakyokaiHONGKONG founed in 2004, we call the people [Wakyo] who makes a company abroad , aim at the leader of a company . and support them to upbringing . Wakyo’s members regard that contribute to business development as a mission.

    Own growth( hoiding of the interchange society or speech), The expanse of acquaintances (the network which opens in the world), Business development, Management consultation, Contribution to the society cte There are various merits.

    (The second day)

    ○[Hong Kong international Building and Decoration Materials &Hardware Fair]

     http://hkbdh.hktdc.com/dm/potential2010/issueos_jp.htm There was classified in [green building zone] and [test・ inspection ・ certification zone] 「the home office outdoor accessories zone」 that treated building material ・decoration material ・ the machinery which considered environment for There are a lot of interior decoration-related exhibition booths was looked after. In particular flooring , door handle,and bathtub .
    In the exhibition , the local company of Hong Kong was main, but the companies from mainland China join was felt to positive new market entry . It was a significant exhibition. But there are few companies handling a general article.

    ○Visit Hong Kong environmental protection station

    Maintenance of the energy.We are interested how development manages electricity and the generation.
    They observe the main work about a dirt of the water and a problem of the air . The Chinese industry develops very much, but water and pollution of the air become the problem.
    About a building, they make a policy how to match with an environmental problem afterward
    Finally about education. They teach the young generation serious matter of the environmental problem.
    The financing year of Hong Kong from every year March. The government of Hong Kong intends to take about 11,700,000,000H$ for environmental problem this year until 2011. The breakdown: 5,500,000,000 H$ for purification of the water, 2,900,000,000 H$ for waste management, 1,300,000,000 H$ for various environmental problem, 500,000,000 H$ for development of the energy or research funds about it, Remaining 500,000,000 H$ for going to be lacking in tree planting.
    The garbage of Hong Kong fills it up. The refuse dump will be full for five or ten years. The security of the place becomes a problem. Therefore they went to Japan for study how to processed garbage.
    The district heating and cooling system is a new policy to begin from now on. Hong Kong have a idear to put the Central air-conditione systems in every building before developing more.
    In fact, the ratio of the energy consumption of Hong Kong takes around 90% only by electricity in the building. At first It should come to suppress the electricity consumption in the building to make the environmental problem of Hong Kong better. The Hong Kong government will assists half of the expense if it is proved that consumption of the electricity is suppressed by examination, The sum is 400,000,000 H$. The subsidy was over about 1,000 items about illumination and the improvement of the air-conditioner in this 1 year and six month
    We also in cooperation with Hong Kong trade development bureau and hold the exhibition for introduction and the introduction of a new thing. There are not only many articles of Hong Kong but also the Chinese product, too.
    The Hong Kong government thinks about how to make the building fpr suppressed the consumption of the energy. We give them advice.
    The law is not yet set, The Hong Kong government try make for these two years .

    (The third day)

    The air conditioner was born from 1940's. It is perfect system about the heating of the compressor, the cooling cycle probably because a lot of scientists or engineers devise it so far, We cannot expect the improvement more than it very much. We should pay more attention to a refrigerant from now on.
    We call the gas CFC. Fluorine and chlorine enter and destroy ozone. And the HCFC is eco-friendly existence several around 15 years in atmosphere Because chlorine and fluorine include. American DUPONT Inc. started a refrigerant of R290 and R600a in 2000.However, that do not restore very much. There is R600a in the refrigerator which took out after the back in 2005. Why the refrigerator couldn’t sold a lot, because it’s kind of propane gas that was a demerit. The propane gas has high combustibility . If the problem can be settled, We can enjoy a merit.
    When we entered and changed a refrigerant into R134 or R410 from conventional R22, there were some problems. We must put the lubricant and the pipe together because they have different size. We just change the refrigerant even if do not exchange the smooth oil and pipe either. The government examines HC positively.


    R290 and R600 of refrigerant are same HCtype , however properties are considerably different. Ability for cooling is bigger R600a,; but R290 is the top with the energy-saving aspect. [OPTO22] have the both function. MIX Technologies, Inc do this dealer, [OPTO22] is necessary to solve safety. [OPTO22] controls propane gas and hold down the density of sulfur and prevent corrosion
    In the case of the high-rise building of Hong Kong, the air conditioner from 60% to 70% enter the special room called the plant room and need [OPTO22].

    ◆about refrigerant◆

    1, The refrigerant which is bad in environment CFC and HCFC:

    2, The refrigerant which is good in environment HFC:

    3, The refrigerant which is an ideal most HC:

    (The last day)

    ○Repair construction of the moss in an elementary school

    March 2010, We test the eco-muslin system of association of international environmental design Co., Ltd. on the roof of the container house of the elementary school. We repaired it with observation of the growth situation of the moss this time and constructed it. The white painting piece was scattered on the moss by having done the exterior painting of the school building, and the surface changed color recently. However, the moss lived well though it did not rain for these past 1 month. We will divide the palette of the moss into corridor side that students see very well and the school building roof that more sunlight has good . Hong Kong becomes cold from now on, we hope the moss grow more powerfully.
    Finally the principal of this elementary school gave a letter of thanks to us by this tree planting system. In addition, there was a demand from principal that wanted us to hold a seminar about moss in the next year.

    During repair of the moss

    Have a letter of thanks