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    Kyoritsu Co., Ltd. http://www.kyoritsu-br.co.jp/index.html
    Polaris Day Service Center Kitasonoda http://www.aurorakai.com/

    ☆ Kyoritsu Co., Ltd.
    We manufacture production machinery such as knitting and braiding machinery or winders etc.
    In the field related to communications, we manufacture and sell machinery which makes up a part of the production line for our corporate clients who produce communication cables or coaxial cables etc. Our product is used for the purpose of controlling and screening computer malfunction as well as for smart phones. We are also actively involved in the production line for automobile and ship hoses as well as for medical catheters.

    Kyoritsu Co., Ltd was founded by my father for machinery maintenance when I was 20 years old. Then my working life at the company was very busy as I was still a full-time student.

    After my graduation, I joined the Amagasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry to immerse myself in the environment of learning management. While working for the CCI, I served in a bureau which concluded an agreement on environmental pollution control between local large enterprises and administration, and as a management consultant I was engaged in consultation service including financing for proprietors of small and medium enterprises in close coordination with concerned organizations such as Japan Finance Corporation, Japan Finance Corporation for Small and Medium Enterprise, Credit Guarantee Corporation etc., and with professionals like lawyers, accountants, labor and social security attorneys etc. I also had a good opportunity to be sent to the USA and China, where I learned many things and worked in areas focusing on “environment”.

    Many proprietors of small businesses are facing challenging problems and trying their best to tackle daily management while in doubt about the situations surrounding small and medium enterprises. Even so, I have steered myself to enter politics because I wanted to make use of what I have truly experienced such as the distress of small business owners etc. in the world of politics.

    I imagine that the unexpectedly difficult business environment may continue in the future with other countries’ circumstances and competition as a background, but we would like to make our utmost efforts to keep clearing the new hurdles of product creation required by the times hoping that the business can continue, being supported by our clients who trust our manufacturing capabilities, saying “Only Kyoritsu Company can make these products”.

    ☆Pleram Co., Ltd “Polaris Day Service Center Kitasonoda”

    Polaris Day Service Center Kitasonoda offers day service specializing in rehabilitation. Our concept is “Let’s use our own legs!”
    In order to achieve support for true independence we consider it most important to help the elderly to walk using their own legs. The parent organization of Polaris Group is Mori Clinic (Medical corporation Aurorakai / Polaris Co.,Ltd) in Takarazuka City, Hyogo. This center in Kitasonoda was opened on July 1st, 2011 as the 12th center in the Hanshin area (the 2nd one as a franchise).
    Day service generally includes meals and/or bathing services, but at Polaris Day Service Center, service hours are short and we offer neither meals nor bathing. The users of our day service are picked up and dropped off by our staff in our light transport. The users will first receive vital checks by our nurses and then everyone starts our original exercises sitting in chairs. After that, everyone will start power rehabilitation using power-rehabilitation machines whose load and position are set according to individual requirements by our staff who have had special training in handling power-rehabilitation machines. During the rehabilitation, senior instructors stationed permanently at the head office are in continuous contact using net cameras etc. so that any situation can be dealt with promptly at each location.

    (What is power rehabilitation?)
    It is a new exercise program for the elderly requiring nursing care or the frail elderly to improve mobility and physical strength, with the aim of care prevention, independence recovery and care reduction.
    It is proposed by the NPO Power Rehabilitation Research Society as an effective rehabilitation method for the elderly. It is considered to be most effective to have this rehabilitation twice a week. As the degree of exercise is similar to taking a stroll or taking a bath, the exercise is not limited to the person of care level 1, but also for the person of care level 5. Anyone to whom a doctor suggests occasional physical exercise can take advantage of this exercise. It is a safe rehabilitation which aims to improve physical strength as well as mental interest and to improve activities of daily living regardless of one’s nursing care level or type of ailment.