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    Description of business

    We accept orders ranging from translation to printing to meet client requests, according to document contents, budget and terminology relating to specific industries.

    When translating an instruction manual for machine tools, we take the staff translating the document to the client’s office and factories to see the actual site at which the machines are made and used, and after gaining this insight, we conduct the translation. When we translate a document, as well as understanding the material we are translating and the meaning of the content, we constantly ask ourselves how a foreigner would write it. Also, if we have a sentence which cannot be translated, we ask questions until our translation becomes natural and more than satisfactory.

    Translating instruction manuals is the most profitable type of job, as it contains many pages. One instruction manual can contain about 500 pages, and it can take about two months to produce the translation.

    In regard to printing, when a printing company receives an order, first they create a draft and ask their customer to check it, rewrite the parts which need correction, and then they print it. This chain of actions involves work besides printing. However, when Hyman Translations receives an order, we read the draft for the client, make corrections, check it again and then print it. This is the entire chain of actions. In this way, we can produce printing material which both the client and the printing company can be happy with, as well as helping the printing company avoid complicated exchanges with the client; furthermore, it only requires one action for the printer, which is printing.

    President Hyman is a member of the All Japan Federation of Printing Industry Associations, which consists of more than 4,000 member companies nationwide. He is also a board member of Hiroshima Printing Industry Association. Each printing company has various areas of expertise depending on the printing contents, and president Hyman states that “we evaluate each printing company’s areas of expertise and then ask a suitable company to print the material. We don’t involve many outside agencies in the process; therefore we can provide at a cheaper price”.

    Although we wish to produce high-quality translations, there are only few translators who can produce high-quality translations between English and Japanese throughout the world. Here at Hyman Translations, we have adopted a process where one person translates and another person checks the translations, hence we need at least two members of staff for translation work. Also, we cannot produce high-quality translations only through skills, knowledge, or nice personalities. We can achieve this by being united as a team and a family. All members of staff at Hyman Translations are highly skilled and have a great relationship with each other; this is why we can produce high-quality translations.

    The next day, President Hyman, Ms. Zhang from Hyman Consulting Incorporated in China, and myself, Mi-chan, went for a drive. We went to see Abuto Kannon and Kosanji Temple. The Seto Inland Sea was calm, blue and crystal clear, and the sky was blue! We were charmed by such wonderful scenery, and enjoyed this relaxing time.

    With Hyman Translations Limited staff

    With Hyman Translations Limited staff

    Commemorative photo by the Seto Inland Sea

    Commemorative photo by the
    Seto Inland Sea