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    Hello. This time “Mi-chan’s Adventure!” is an on-the-road edition. I went to Hikone City in Shiga Prefecture, located in the middle of Japan.

    Hikone is of course famous for Lake Biwa, but is also well-known for its national treasure Hikone castle, its cherry blossoms, its tender green, autumn tinted and snowy landscapes; it is a town in which you can experience the four seasons of Japan to the full.

    I visited president Hanamoto from Tecno Kobo, which is located in a truly lovely town.

    Description of business

    18 years ago, I founded “Tecno Kobo” as a design firm. After a year, I incorporated the company and continued to run it on my own for a while.

    My business is designing equipment.
    More specifically, I used to design a part of the processing machines used on refrigerator and washing machine production lines, an inspecting machine and an assembly machine. Also, I was working for Kyocera, so at the Kyocera-related facilities, I designed condensers and a ceramic part inspection machine attached to the tip of an optical fiber, as well as washers, a processing machine and an assembly machine for industrial robots.

    5 to 6 years after establishing the company I began to employ other people, 12 at the peak; 6 people are currently working for the company. From then on, we started becoming involved in manufacturing processes not limited to designing, and we now conduct activities which range from designing to manufacturing.

    As to what area of industry our line of work belongs to, we design and manufacture products for the consumer electronics industry, electronic component industry, especially Kyocera, and take on work relating to the semiconductors made by Dainippon Screen. We manufacture processing and inspection machines which are used in the construction of automobiles and we design systemized MA (Medical Automation) for university hospitals (Osaka University Hospital, Kyoto University Hospital).

    The fields in which we operate, in terms of industry, are very wide. To put it in the simplest terms, our company is a designing firm.

    After finishing the interview, we went out for some sightseeing! We visited Hikone Castle. Hikone Castle was built by two generations of local lords, the first lord of the Hikone domain, Naomasa Ii, and his son Naotaka Ii, in the 20 years following the Battle of Sekigahara (October 21, 1600).

    There is a museum where the restored building of Omotegoden is displayed. I could imagine how people from that era lived by looking at the number of the rooms with varying sizes. In the garden, while appreciating the shades of autumn, we enjoyed green powdered tea at a tea ceremony house.

    We climbed aboard an old-fashioned houseboat, explored the stone-walled streets, and enjoyed the wonderful view of the castle as we looked up from the boat.

    Mr. Hanamoto, during the interview

    Mr. Hanamoto, during the interview

    A commemorative photo in front of Hikone Castle

    A commemorative photo in front of Hikone Castle