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    (Special Edition~ at the Shiga Environmental Business Exhibition)

    I visited a booth by the Yamakyu Corporation at the “Shiga Environmental Business Exhibition”.
    The company is not a member of EBRI, so this is an on-the-spot-interview special edition.

    Content of the exhibition

    We participated in this event for the 10th year running since 1998. Our company continues to deal with cost-saving in the factory infrastructure.


    The machines consuming the most electricity are air-conditioners and (air) compressors. Thus, the improvement in the application of compressors leads to cost-saving for the company and factory as a whole, which is what we continue to propose.

    Seismic Isolation Tables

    These can protect something which is important to you from earthquakes and natural disasters.

    Plough into the foundations of a house and bury it, and build a house.
    This has recently come under the spot-light and in August 2008, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications gave instructions to local governments to install seismic isolation for the maintenance of web servers. This is different to the conventional way of approaching environmental issues, but if a building collapsed due to an earthquake, it would become construction and demolition waste. By using our product, you can prevent this from happening, and from that perspective, we promote this product.

    Recently, the world economy has been falling into recession and is slowing down, but I feel that perhaps the fields of environmental and bio business are relatively less influenced by the current economic trend. Within this environment, it is my aim to ensure that this event leads to a result.

    After obtaining ISO14001 certification, simply aiming to reduce costs does not make our efforts last. This type of environmental proposal and these PR activities are the very foundations of our environmental activities, we must continue in this manner. Otherwise, the company will not develop further. There are so many places promoting environmental responsibility; however, we are in the position where we ask ourselves a question, which is whether we can actually do it and do business.

    The Yamakyu Corporation has six main business offices surrounding Lake Biwa, and is a trading company which specializes in tool parts for industrial machinery.

    It brilliantly harmonizes the relationship between manufacturing and the environment by developing its original business and engaging in environmental activities in a proactive manner. When you pursue issues surrounding machinery, there is a very close relationship with environmental issues, as this is demonstrated by the installation of energy saving methods and the tackling industrial waste issues.

    At the exhibition, the Yamakyu Corporation booth was packed with people. A lot of people were interested in the exhibition, and listened to the information carefully.

    President Hirayama from the Yamakyu Corporation

    President Hirayama from the Yamakyu Corporation

    Yamakyu Corporation booth

    The booth has a very cheerful atmosphere