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  • Name of company Name of the Person in Charge Description of Business Details
    Urban System Inc. President Tak Koshiba General management of buildings Details
  • List of General Members (entry order)

  • Name of company Name of the Person in Charge Description of Business Details
    Ecohills President Kaichi Tamiya Consultancy including ISO14001 Details
    International, Environmental Design Society Ltd President Takanori Kodama Afforestation of rooftops & walls Details
    FEM Certifications organization President Manami Yamaguchi Environment, education, and CSR related businesses  
    Control Union Japan Co., Ltd President Manami Yamaguchi Inspection and certification services
    (Forest, textile, agriculture, organic production, quality control system, and cargo inspection, etc.)
    Terada Iron Works Corporation Limited President Masakazu Terada Machine processing of large plates, can manufacturing, manufacturing and sale of energy-saving environmental products, sale and manufacturing of food-related machinery  
    Office Network Co. President Kazuo Michihiro ISO9001, ISO14001, ISMS Consultancy  
    Sanyo Paper Co. Ltd President Rokujiro Harada Manufacturing crepe paper, using recycled used paper  
    Kyoritsu Co., Ltd President
    Tsukasa Kobiki
    Sales and manufacturing of electronic cables and various equipment used for hose manufacturing/designing  
    Tecno Koubou President Noriaki Hanamoto Designing and manufacturing for various industrial machinery  
    Tokio Marine & Anshin Life. COM Ooi Toshio Nichido Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Acting branch
    Life insurance business
    Recycle One, Inc. President COO Daisaku Honda Formulation and management of the information network supporting the recycling of waste products and the resources business  
    EMS Envirotech Ltd President Masato Deno Waste water disposal and environment-related consultancy, outsourcing Details
    Environment and Development President Yosuke Tanabe Waste product disposal, recycling business support /development business consultancy  
    Jigami Consulting Mitsuma Kobori Environment-related consultancy  
    Plot Inc. President Hiroaki Adachi Building maintenance, renovation  
    Noge Printing Corporation Akira Eguchi Printing business  
    Ishiboda calligraphy school Kisen Ishimoda Professor of calligraphy. Research and sale of water  
    Shimada Corporation Managing director, board member Tomoaki Shimada Industrial chemical sales, various recycling business (purification of contaminated soil, acid and alkali waste liquid and polluted sludge), intermediate business in the industrial waste industry  
    Tokyo Bussan Co. Ltd President Kunio Sakuma Trading goods for dentists, import/domestic purchase /sale of tuna, exporting dried sea cucumber to china  
      Ryuichi Iwata ISO14001 clerical work division  
    OceanBridge Inc. President and CEO Noriaki Takayama Import• sales• support of overseas software  
    Akiko Fukuda    
    Hasegawa Electric Industry Co., Ltd President
    Yuichi Hasegawa
    Electrical work, equipment installation, and energy-saving
    system installation
    Gexeed Consulting Co., Ltd Tatsuro Tomiyama Corporate strategy, administrative improvements, and human resource development consultancy  
    Qbecc K. K. President Makoto Ohashi Sales agency of heat insulating coating material ‘KILUCOAT’
    Sales and installation of energy-saving glass coating
    Designing and sales of energy-saving partition
    Passiv Energie Japan Inc. President 
    Christian  Deutinger
    Consultancy on energy-saving construction, planning assistance, and provision of calculation service of energy consumed in a building,
    import and sales of the Passivehouse construction materials and highly effective heat exchanger

    Tetsu Iwasaki

    Tanaka Shokai Co., Ltd. President 
    Hiroyuki  Sasaki
    General waste recycling business  
      Hirofumi Kasue    
    Akita Eco Plash Co., Ltd. President,
    Yukimori Tominaga
    Manufacturing of “Eco Plash”, pellets utilizing a new material made of recycled plastic from packaging and industrial waste.
    Manufacturing of recycled products.
    URBAN COWORKING DESIGNER with Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Director
    Susumu Date
    Biomass business (recycling of industrial resources including agriculture, forestry and fisheries)  
    Integrated Technical Innovation Co.,Ltd Certification organization President
    Maintenance the general-purpose air compressor and the peripheral device,Energy saving environment improvement consulting and allied construction.An offshore production business of the building material  
    TUG-BOAT DESIGN Co., Ltd Certification organization President
    Real estate revitalization business,Offshore production business of the building material  
    IM Consulting Certified SME Consultant
    Hiroshi Iriyama
    Management / Marketing / Monozukuri consultancy for small and medium-sized enterprises, located in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Assisting syacho-sans' numerous tasks:  
      Yuushi Tokuri    
    Ecoloba Company executive
    Keisuke Matsumura
    Producing website, and managing portal site for environmentally friendly business.  
    Oohashi Co.,Ltd. Company director
    Takeo Shiono
    Reclaiming polyethylene from scrapped electric wires, production & sales of resin boards.  
      Takao Imachi    
      Yukio Mitsuhashi    
    Koshiji Shouji Corp. CEO,Yuzo Furusawa Wholesale of foodstuff for catering purposes, Sales of whole range of alcoholic beverages, Export of Japanese Sake, Sales of garbage disposal units  
    Ube Industries Ltd. High Purity Chemicals Business Unit, Director, Ryuji Honda Developing, manufacturing and selling system which removes hazardous gas produced during production process of electronic devices such as semiconductors, displays etc.  
    Onomiya Unyu Corp Sales Department Director,Masamichi Kojima Sales of fuel activated catalyst and battery recycled catalyst  
    ITOU GENERAL OFFICE (Public Notary) Yoshiyuki Itou Patent permission, Corporation establishment, and Resident permission.  
    Kyokuto Boeki Kaisha, Ltd. Kazunori Seki
    Norihito Shimizu
    Satoshi Motomochi
    Sterilizing UV Lamp for Air-conditioning system in Buildings  
    ESCO Solution Corporation President
    Toshirou Kubota
    Eco-consultant (Energy saving, Design, Construction, Maintenance, and Manufacturing & Sales of Measurement systems )  
    Shirakami-Agri-Service Corporation. The chief executive officer
    Atsuya Kimura
    Farmwork on consignment, Sales on farm products, Agricultural civil constructor,
    Conservation of agricultural lands, Agricultural lessons, Agricultural foods processing.
    OHTSUBO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. President Koichi Takasugi Electric facilities for buildings, IT equipments, Air conditioner, Interior,
    and Redecoration for buildings.
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